Timnas U19 Cancel The Hajduk Split Second Game And Fly Home Instead

Indonesia U19 national team (Timnas U19) reportedly will fly back to Indonesia on October 26, 2020. Secretary-General Ad Interim of PSSI, Yunus Nusi states that PSSI has decided to bring Timnas U19 back home in the date that they supposedly face Hajduk Split for the second time.

The game against Hajduk Split was scheduled twice on October 20 and October 26. Hajduk Split is the rearranged opponent after the original one, Bosnia-Herzegovina cancelled the participation in the friendly games which are originally scheduled on October 20 and October 23, 2020.

“(Timnas U19) has played the last friendly. On October 26, Timnas U19 will fly back to Jakarta. The game with Hajduk Split has been cancelled,” mentioned Yunus Nusi to detikSport.

Elkan Baggot has been released from the training program, and he is back to Ipswich Town. His last involvement in the Timnas U19 training is held yesterday on October 21.

Timnas U-19 will play an internal game in replacement for the cancelled one against Hajduk. The game will be held on Friday, October 23, 2020.

“We decide to have an internal game on October 23. We’ve set all the players involved accordingly,” said Coach Shin Tae-Yong in a PSSI release.

“All the players will be involved in the internal game. This is to evaluate the progress of players involved,” added Shin Tae-Yong.

Timnas U19 has been at Croatia for almost two months. They departed Indonesia by last August for the preparation of 2020 AFC U-19 Cup. The competition is postponed until the year 2021 because of the covid_19 pandemic.

Timnas U-19 played 11 friendly games in Croatia. They recorded 5 wins, 3 draws and 3 loses.

Source: detik.com

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