Marc Klok Is Granted Indonesian Citizenship

The Government has accepted the process of Marc Klok becoming Indonesian citizen.

The Persija player has begun his process of naturalization from his time with PSM Makassar in 2019.

He said this is due to his aspiration to play with the national football team. Born in Amsterdam, Netherland, April 20, 1993 with no Indonesian heritage either from his father or his mother’s side..

The due process he enrolled is helped by none other than Mochamad Iriawan, Chairman of PSSI, the Indonesian football governing body. By his recommendation the process is smooth and will be concluded in only just a matter of time.

The meeting on his application is held yesterday (Oct 5, 2020) at the PSSI headquarters where Klok physically present. Mochamad Iriawan and General Secretary of PSSI Yunus Nusi were also attending.

They discussed the matter virtually with members of Comission III Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat – House of Representatives – , Kementerian Hukum Dan HAM – Ministry Of Law And Human Rights, and Kementerian Pemuda dan Olahraga – Ministry of Youth And Sports.

All parties involved in the virtual meeting agree Klok becoming Indonesia citizen.

Moch Iriawan, Chairman of PSSI express his gratitude with the Klok decision. Iriawan added that being able to have Klok playing for the national team is good to Indonesian football.

He further commented that Klok has proved himself to be a good footballer. Has experiences playing in leagues of Europe, then PSM Makassar and currently at Persija Jakarta.

This is not the first time the Indonesia government granted citizenship to footballers, but Iriawan ensure the selection are now more robust.

“We do not recommend just any foreign players to be naturalized. Only foreign players with skills, technical ability and the right attitude” said Iriawan.

Marc Klok, the player being naturalized, express his gratitude to the parties involved that he finally granted Indonesian citizenship.

Klok said he really enjoys his time at the Indonesia League, and very feel at home with the Indonesians’ humility.

He further says he will aim for glory if selected to play for the Indonesia national team.


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