Indonesia U19 0 – 0 North Macedonia (Second Game)

Indonesia U19 play a 0 – 0 draw against North Macedonia in the second game in Croatia. Kickoff starts at 20.00 Wib on October, 14, 2020.

Coach Shin Tae-Young once again includes M. Kanu and Elkan Baggot in the starting lineup. Irfan Jauhari is again starting as a left winger. His usual place up front is filled by Saddam Gaffar. David Maulana and Brylian Aldama, Rizki Ridho sit this game out. Arhan Pratama wears the captain armband.

Minute 11, a Macedonia player fell in the penalty area but no penalty given.
Minute 12, Saddam Gaffar pass from right side but Bahril failed to make contact with the ball in front of the goal.

Minute 14, Adi Satryo catch the ball from a corner
Minute 16 a right footed shot by Saddam is blocked.

Minute 16 a long throw-in from Arhan creates a goalmouth scramble. In the end, a left footed shot by Witan is blocked

minute 19, a through pass by Elkan Baggot met by Bahril but his shot is saved.
minute 20 a right footed volley from Kanu flew over the bar.
minute 21 Beckham Putra tries a through pass, but no team mate reads it.

minute 22 a left footed shot by a Macedonia player is saved by the goalkeeper.

Minute 26, Elkan Baggot makes a good tackling just before a Macedonia player about to shoot the ball from close range.

Minute 34, a long pass from Macedonia is punched by the goalkeeper.

Minute 37, a left footed shot by Bahril hit the right post.

Minute 38, Bayu Fiqri is shown a yellow card.

Minute 39, Irfan Jauhari wins a free kick

Minute 41, A failed cut-back from David Beckham after successfully evading Macedonia players.

Minute 43 Bahril is injured and replaced by Jack Brown

Minute 44 a right footed shot by Jack Brown is blocked

Half time, Indonesia U19 0,  North Macedonia 0.

Second Half starts, Rizki Ridho, Bagas Kaffa, David Maulana in, Komang Teguh, Bayu Fiqri, M.Kanu out.

Minute 48, a pass from Witan from right side failed to meet Bagas Kaffa.
Minute 49 Beckham Putra wins a free kick.
Minute 52 Jack Brown is fouled by a Macedonia player, Referee produce yellow card to the Macedonia player.
Minute 57, a right footed shot by a Macedonia player miss to the left.
Minute 60, Irfan Jauhari passes from right side is met by Witan, his shot is blocked.

Minute 61, a right footed shot by a Macedonia player from close range is blocked by Elkan Baggott.

Minute 64, a right footed shot by Beckham Putra flew over the bar.
Minute 69, Irfan Jauhari wins a corner kick.

Minute 72, a cut-back by Beckham Putra from right side is blocked.

Minute 80, Macedonia player wins a free kick. Free kick conceded by Saddam Gaffar.

Minute 82, Macedonia wins a corner kick.

Minute 84, Beckham Putra wins a free kick.

Minute 84, Beckham Putra, Saddam Gaffar out. Brylian Aldama, Supriadi in.

Minute 87, Irfan Jauhari is injured, replaced by Sandi Arta Samosir.

Minute 90, a left footed shot by a Macedonia player flew over the bar.

Minute 90, Supriadi is shown yellow card.

Second Half ends, Indonesia U19 0, North Macedonia 0.

Indonesia U19 Formation 4-4-2
1.Adi Satryo
2.Pratama Arhan
23. Bayu Fiqri
4.Komang Teguh
30.Elkan Baggot
18.Irfan Jauhari
25. Beckham Putra
19.M. Kanu
11.Witan Sulaeman
24. M. Bahril
29.Saddam Gaffar

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