A Short Review On Elkan Baggot Debut

Elkan Baggot finally made his debut against North Macedonia, yesterday Oct 11, 2020 in a friendly match.

He partnered vice captain Rizki Ridho in the heart of defence. His height is above average compared to other Timnas U19 player.

Opposing players in the penalty area has to deal with him to win a header. His is a very good performance. Composed and tidy in the back.

Macedonia players try to dribble pass him rarely able to do so. He has courage to put his body to block shots.

We are excited to see how he would fare against more capable opponents. Not to take anything from North Macedonia players, but other teams like the Croatian U19 would present more danger up-front.

Elkan can build up play from the back. His passing accuracy is good. Timnas U19 goal no.4 is started by Elkan’s quick passing to the Macedonia final third.

Up-front he hasn’t scored from a header, but we sure he will. Arhan Pratama the left wing-back is capable of throwing the ball up to the goal area.

In the right situation, Timnas U19 would be benefited by his height. Last night is his first involvement with the team. Let’s hope he will flourish into a more solid center back.

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